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Landscaping Tips for First Time Homeowners

You’ve purchased your first home. Congratulations! Now comes the exciting process of making it your own. As you go through the house selecting paint colors and picture placement, take a moment to think of your exterior. The right landscaping can completely transform your property, boosting the curb appeal and personalizing your space all at once. Here are some landscaping tips for new homeowners to guide you through the process.

Examine the Existing Landscaping on the Property

You don’t have to replace all of your landscaping, especially if you are working on a limited budget. Instead, you can renovate the existing landscaping and save yourself a great deal of money. Look over your front- and backyard to see what’s already on the property. Shrubs, trees, and other established plant life may look wonderful with proper pruning and care.

Identify Features You Love and Features You’d Like to Remove

Once you have a feel for what’s on your property, you can pinpoint the plants you want to keep and remove. Perhaps there is a large tree in the front yard that anchors the landscaping. This is likely a feature that you want to keep. The bushes under the windows may not be as desirable. You could remove them to make way for new plant life. The design is completely up to you. Afterall, it’s your home!

Renovate Overgrown Plant Life

Plant renovation makes a world of difference. This process involves cutting back the overgrown parts of the plant so it can regrow in a more appealing way. That plant is already doing well in that spot. You might as well make the most of the established root structure and vitality. Strategic pruning will bring new life to your landscaping, and it will save you from costly plant removal and replacement.

Choose New Plants Based on Placement, Maintenance and Appearance

If you are selecting new plants for your home, there are several factors to keep in mind. First, think about where the plants will be. Do you need a plant with a shallow root structure? Will the area receive constant sun exposure or limited sun exposure? How much space will the plant take up when it reaches full maturity? These questions will narrow down which plants you should put in each area.

Beyond those considerations, you need to think about how much maintenance the plants will require and how they will look next to your home and other plant life. If you want low-maintenance landscaping, do not select plants that require constant care during the growing season. If you enjoy nurturing your landscaping, you may not mind persistent pruning and bed care.

Start Small – Your Landscaping Will Grow!

You don’t have to buy full-grown plants. Doing so will cost much more than buying small plants to grow with time. This is your new home. Nourish it. Start with smaller plants that you can watch grow over the years. You can look back on photos from the past and reminisce on how far you’ve come. The plants will be a direct reflection of that.

Get Year-Long Lawn and Garden Maintenance from a Trusted Landscaping Company

The stress of homeownership can be overwhelming at times. Your landscaping doesn’t have to add to the stress. If you get a custom maintenance plan from a local landscaping company, you can rest assured that your lawn and garden are cared for. Berns Landscaping offers hassle-free residential landscaping and landscape design services. Contact us at 586-756-1145 to set up an in-person consultation with one of our experienced landscape contractors.

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