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Landscaping: Increase Your Homes Value

It is a known fact that investing in landscaping can increase your homes value. You don’t always need to invest in a full landscape design project to see results either, sometimes landscape renovation and adding a new hardscape element can help.


  • LANDSCAPE DESIGN:  Good landscaping can help you sell your home 6 weeks faster. A 5% investment of your homes value, equals a 150% return on investment.
  • LANDSCAPE RENOVATION: Rearranging existing plants and trees and/or correcting soil drainage problems can also help increase your homes value. This process can increase your homes value by as much as 12%, for example a $150,000 home could be worth $18,000 more.
  • HARDSCAPE DESIGN: Hardscape design is the installation of structural features such as patios, arbors and decks. Investment of a wood deck for example, yields a 77% return on investment. Landscape Design | Property Maintenance Services


  • Landscape Design Consultation: One of our designers will sit down with you to discuss the scope and budget of the project. We will discuss all features such as drip irrigation and hardscape or water features.
  • Property Analysis: Your designer will provide an expert analysis of your property and take all required measurements. We will identify light availability, soil and water and address drainage. Utilities will also be located.
  • Landscape Plan Development: Your designer will begin planning  for integration of new and existing features. We will layout these ideas on a map and take in all of your preferences and ideas.
  • Design Presentation: Once your designer has completed your design a meeting will be held to confirm the landscape design plan. We will discuss the materials we intend to use and confirm the time frame for the project and the budget.

Our expert team is ready to assist you with achieving your landscaping goals this season. Give us a call today to discuss your  landscaping needs or fill out our online request form and one of our experts will call you back at your convenience.

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