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Landscaping Companies in Michigan

Commercial landscaper rolling out sod.

Berns Landscaping is one of the most experienced landscaping companies in Michigan. What sets us apart is our organic approach to lawn and garden care. You can eliminate many pest and weed issues with proper pruning and plant placement. This, combined with cultivated soil and nutrient-enriched root systems, ensures your entire yard looks beautiful throughout the year. We provide a range of landscaping solutions, including:

  • Commercial Landscaping, Residential Landscaping and Estate Gardening Services
  • Year-Long Grounds Maintenance for Every Element of Your Lawn and Garden
  • Multi-Step Fertilization That Is Tailored to Your Property’s Specific Needs
  • Soil Testing, Deep Root Fertilization and Other Specialized Services
  • Complete Tree Care from an Arborist – Tree Pruning, Disease Prevention, Stump Removal, Tree Fertilization, and More
  • Award-Winning Landscape Designs – We Do the Complete Design and Build!
  • Consistent Bed Care, Including Bed Cleanup, Floral Swaps, Bed Edging and Mulching
  • Lawn Dethatching and Soil Aeration
  • Pest and Weed Control to Protect Every Aspect of Your Lawn
  • Fall Landscape Cleanup, Irrigation Winterization and Winter Plant Protection
  • Snow and Ice Removal and Holiday Lighting Installations
  • And Many Other Landscaping Services

To learn more about Berns Landscaping, give us a call at (586) 756-1145.

Work with One of the Top-Rated Landscaping Companies in Michigan

At Berns Landscaping, we receive consistent referrals for residential and commercial landscaping. Our existing customers love the dependable service we offer throughout the year. Grounds maintenance requires persistence and dedication – qualities we strive for in every area of lawn care. With our Michigan landscape company, you get superior service every step of the way.

Get a Custom Landscape Maintenance Plan for Your Property

Each property has its own landscaping needs. That is why we do in-person consultations before providing a quote. We can see the exact scope of the project and provide an accurate list of services. We can also recommend services you may not have considered to improve your soil, plant health, and other features. Your satisfaction is always a top priority.

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