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Landscape Designer vs. Landscape Architect – What’s the Difference?

You want to change your landscaping, and you want a professional to help you. The question is, what kind of landscaping professional should you call? Do you need a landscape architect, or will you be better off with a landscape designer? What is the difference between a landscape designer and landscape architect? Get all the answers you need and more from the professionals at Berns Landscaping.

Key Differences between Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers

Many of the job duties for landscape architects and landscape designers overlap. They’re both in charge of some form of landscape design, whether it be a large-scale corporate build or a residential estate garden. Landscape architects have extensive knowledge about the structural elements of landscaping, such as drainage systems and grading. Landscape designers, on the other hand, have a more in-depth knowledge of local plant life, climate, soil types, potential landscaping concerns, etc.

A landscape architect can draw a beautiful design that looks stunning on paper. However, we’ve seen many architects create design plans with inaccessible plants. They look wonderful in photos, but there is no way to source them for the property. Or the plants are not ideal for the climate and soil in the area.

Landscape designers take a thoughtful approach to the design process. Architects typically work strictly on new construction, but a landscape designer can create a design around existing plant life. At Berns Landscaping, we are in local nurseries every single week to see the latest plant material available. We use this working knowledge to craft custom designs that are both achievable and maintainable.

Another important note is that landscape architects often just provide planning services. They do not execute the designs they’ve developed. Our landscaping company offers professional landscape design and build services. We take care of every element of the project, from site planning to plant selection to installation and maintenance. In the end, this will save you a tremendous amount of money, and it creates a seamless experience from start to finish.

Which Landscaping Professional Should You Work with?

For most landscaping projects, you’re better off going with a landscape designer. This person can create a plan specifically suited for your needs, budget, property, and more. If you want to revitalize your existing landscaping, a designer can work with what you have and suggest new additions to enhance your landscaping. If you want a completely new design on untapped land, your designer can do that as well. There are specialized circumstances where a landscape architect is necessary, but for the most part, you’ll have a better overall experience with a local, knowledgeable designer.

How Landscape Design Works at Berns Landscaping

Berns Landscaping offers full-service landscape design and build services. All designs are personalized to fit your budget constraints, time constraints, preferred maintenance level, and more. Here’s a glance at how the process works:

  1. You contact Berns Landscaping to arrange an in-person consultation for landscape design.
  2. Our landscape designer will evaluate your property to note the parameters of the project and then discuss your overall goals with you. This step includes taking pictures and measurements on site.
  3. We draft a design plan to give you a visual representation of the design. We also collect samples of hardscaping materials and other references for you to review.
  4. After you approve of the design plan, we go to work brining your dreams to life! We handle all aspects of the design build and can arrange it in stages, as needed.
  5. If you’d like, Berns Landscaping can also provide year-long landscaping maintenance to preserve your beautiful new landscaping features.

To speak with a landscape designer in Michigan, contact Berns Landscaping at 586-756-1145.

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