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Landscape Design Principles You Need to Know

Landscape design is so much more than choosing pretty plants to put in your yard. It’s a delicate balance of proportions, visual interest, maintenance requirements, and more. Before you start planning your dream landscaping, you need to know the fundamentals. Here are some important landscape design principles to set the tone for your lawn and garden.

Choose the Right Plants for Each Section of Landscaping

The lighting, soil content and precipitation levels will vary throughout your yard. For instance, a section of landscaping near your gutter downspouts will receive more water than the sections directly below your gutters. You need plants in that area that can stand up to heavy saturation. When selecting plants for your landscape design, make sure the ones you choose will thrive where you’re placing them. If not, you’ll waste time and money trying to fix the problem.

Select Anchoring Plants to Ground the Landscape Design

Landscape design is all about creating vignettes of plants that flow together in a harmonious manner. You can anchor these vignettes by choosing focal pieces throughout the landscaping. You might have a set of colorful bushes in the center to ground the design, along with small trees on the corners to define the edges. You can fill in the middle areas with transition plants, telling a cohesive story across the property.

Work with the Existing Plant Material on the Property

If possible, make the most of the plants you already have on the property. At Berns Landscaping, we offer plant renovation services as part of our landscape design process. Instead of removing all the plants and starting from scratch, we strategically prune overgrown plants to capitalize on the rich root structure already on the property. Renovating your plants pays tribute to the history of the property, and it could save a significant amount on new plant materials. Plus, you get to enjoy plants that are already grown to maturity, rather than waiting for new ones to blossom over time.

Use Color to Add Depth to Landscape Design

Pops of color bring your landscape design to life. You can select trees, shrubs and grasses to act as the foundation of the landscape design, and then add floral elements for a colorful contrast. We include seasonal color swaps as part of our bed care services.

Create a Landscape Design That Matches Your Desired Maintenance Level

The only way your landscape design can stay beautiful is if it’s well maintained. A dynamic design means nothing if it is overgrown with weeds every month. If you want a high-maintenance landscape because you love to garden, great! If not, you can either choose low-maintenance landscaping options or use a professional landscaping company to handle the maintenance for you. You’ll get the look you want without the tedious labor.

Get a Professional Landscape Design and Build from Berns Landscaping

Want a jaw-dropping landscape design that makes all the neighbors jealous? How about a meticulously cared for garden that you don’t have to lift a finger for? Berns Landscaping offers complete landscape design and build services, along with annual maintenance plans that are tailored for each property. If you’re interested in professional landscaping design, contact us at (586) 756-1145.

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