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Landscape Design in Sterling Heights MI

Landscape Design in Sterling Heights MI

When you need a property update, landscaping has the power to make that happen. You don’t have to paint your siding, add new shutters or do anything else from a construction standpoint. All you need is an effective landscape design that is tailored to your property. Berns Landscaping provides a full suite of landscaping services, including:

  • All-Inclusive Landscaping Services, from Landscape Design to Year-Long Maintenance
  • Tree Services for Trees of All Ages, Including Dormant Tree Pruning
  • Custom Fertilization Plans with Soil Testing and Plant Health Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Bed Care That Includes Mulching, Weed Pulling, Floral Swaps, and Much More
  • Environmentally-Conscious Pest Control and Disease Prevention
  • Seasonal Landscaping Services, Such as Fall Leaf Removal, Snow Plowing and Spring Garden Care
  • Residential Landscaping and Estate Gardening Services
  • Commercial Landscape Design and Maintenance for Sterling Heights Businesses

If you’d like to schedule a landscape design in Sterling Heights MI, contact us at (586) 756-1145.

Let’s Talk About Your Ideas – Personalized Landscape Design Solutions

If you’re looking into landscape design, you probably have some ideas in your head. Even if you don’t completely know what look you want, you know the feeling or colors you’re going for. Our job is to take those ideas and turn them into manageable realities. We’ll ask targeted questions about your budget and what type of maintenance level you want to find the perfect balance of aesthetics vs. value.

  • Bring Your Vision to Life with the Help of Our Professional Landscape Designers
  • Figure out Which Plants Are Best Suited for Your Property, Your Budget and Your Maintenance Goals
  • Work with the Existing Plants on the Property, as Needed
  • Create a Complete Landscape Design That Includes Lighting and Hardscaping
  • Identify What You Want to Achieve with Your Landscape Design
  • Find the Perfect Balance of Timing, Financial Commitment and Maintenance

It all starts with a quick phone call to (586) 756-1145. Schedule your consultation for landscape design in Sterling Heights MI, and unlock your property’s full potential!

Natural Luxury at Affordable Prices

The right landscape design can boost your property value, but only if it aligns with your budget. When we create a custom landscaping design, we take into account how much you want to spend upfront and how much you want to spend monthly/annually for maintenance. This allows you to find a design that truly works for your overall needs.

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