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Landscape Architect in Bloomfield Hills MI

Manicured Lawn and Walkway Designed by a Landscape Architect in Bloomfield Hills MI

Your property is full of untapped potential. It’s a blank slate, ready to be filled with an artist’s touch. That’s what you’ll get when you work with our talented and experienced landscapers. We specialize in bringing unique visions to life and keeping them looking amazing. When you need a reliable landscape architect in Bloomfield Hills MI, contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145.

A Stunning Landscape Design Completely Customized for Your Property

No two properties are exactly alike. The soil content and sunlight in your area may be different than the conditions a block over. Combine this with other constraints, such as budget, maintenance goals and personal aesthetic, and it’s easy to see why landscape design is such a custom process. With our designers, you’ll get…

  • Strategic Plant Placement That Focuses on Putting the Ideal Plants in the Ideal Places
  • Plant Renovation Services That Utilize the Thriving (Overgrown) Plants on the Property
  • Tailored Plant Selection Based on Your Desired Level of Maintenance
  • Hardscaping, Brick Paving and Retaining Walls to Take Your Landscape Design to the Next Level
  • Absolutely Gorgeous Curb Appeal for Residential Properties, Commercial Properties and Estate Gardens
  • Comprehensive Landscape Maintenance from the Talented Professionals at Berns Landscaping

For more information about garden design from Berns Landscaping, please call (586) 756-1145.

Commercial and Residential Landscaping Solutions

You may be looking for a landscape architect in Bloomfield Hills MI that specializes in residential landscape design, commercial landscaping, estate gardening, or something else. Whatever the case may be, Berns Landscaping has experts on staff to assist you. In many cases, a landscape architect will simply provide you with a plan to take to a landscaping company for execution. You get landscape design and build services all-in-one with our high-end landscaping company. Beauty and maintain your property with the help of our experienced designers and horticulturists.

Superior Care for Gardens, Lawns and Landscapes

Your search for a landscape architect in Bloomfield Hills MI doesn’t have to stop at the design stage. With our all-inclusive landscaping company, you can get that vision brought to life and enjoy hassle-free maintenance throughout the year. Our services include:

  • Complete Landscape Design and Build Services – More Than What You’d Get with a Landscape Architect!
  • Fertilization, Plant Health Monitoring and Horticulture
  • Pest Control and Mosquito Control That Keeps Your Plants Healthy and Vibrant
  • Mulching, Garden Bed Care, Edging, Weed Removal and More
  • Disease Prevention, Soil Testing and Liquid Applications for Aeration/Dethatching
  • Estate Gardening, Commercial Property Maintenance and Residential Garden Care
  • Hedge Trimming and Shrub Care
  • Fall Landscaping Services, Such as Branch Cleanup, Gutter Cleaning, Leaf Removal and Shrub Wrapping
  • Dormant Tree Pruning, Tree Care and Winter Tree Services from an Arborist
  • Multi-Step Fertilization That Takes the Guess Work out of Plant Nutrients
  • Holiday Light Displays, Snow Plowing and Ice Management
  • Proactive Lawn and Garden Care for Your Entire Property

If You’re Searching for a Knowledgeable Landscape Architect in Bloomfield Hills MI, Reach out to Berns Landscaping – (586) 756-1145