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Irrigation Troubleshooting

Irrigation systems can sometimes function improperly for a variety of reasons. These issues can be easily fixable or can require professional assistance.When you notice a problem with your irrigation system troubleshoot the problem immediately and if it cannot be fixed call your irrigation company to service the system. Failing to fix the problem when it’s noticed can not only waste water but also cause your landscaping to be watered improperly. Below are some common irrigation troubleshooting solutions.

Irrigation Troubleshooting

Sprinkler head does not pop up. – Check for debris above the sprinkler head, if no debris is found check for overgrown grass. Grass growing over the sprinkler head is often the cause of this common problem. Take scissors or a knife and clear the grass away, this should solve the problem.

Sprinkler head pops up, but water does not come out. – This is another common issue that is easy to fix. Often times the nozzle or screen will become blocked by debris. When the system is up pull up the stem of the sprinkler with your fingers and unscrew the nozzle. You will find a small screen under the nozzle rinse this off with water and check the nozzle for debris, then place the screen back and test your system.

Nozzle spraying not enough or too much water. – There is usually an adjustment screw on the head of the nozzle that is for making adjustments. By turning the screw clockwise you will decrease the spray, by turning counter-clockwise you will increase the spray.

System will not run. – First ensure your water is turned on. Next check to see that the non-working station (section) has been programed.

If you are still encountering problems or are not comfortable attempting any of these irrigation troubleshooting solutions, then call your irrigation company immediately to come out and address the issue. A non-working irrigation system will not preform as needed and could cause further damage to the system as well as your landscape.

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