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Ice Rink Installation

Berns Landscaping has recently partnered with™ to become a dealer and installer of seasonal ice rinks. We have just finished our first installation and can’t wait to hear about all the memories that will be made this winter.

These seasonal ice rinks are typically placed over the existing lawn, with no damage done to the lawn come spring. The home owner of this specific project requested their yard to be leveled and graded prior to installation.

Leveling and Grading
Our teams measuring the location prior to installation.
Our teams beginning the leveling and grading process.
Michigan Lawn Leveling
Our teams beginning the leveling and grading process.
Michigan Ice Rink Installation
The installation process begins. The first phase is to begin setting up the outer wall.
Outdoor Ice Rink Installation Michigan
Ice rink installation continues, with final leveling and grading.
Outer wall installation continues.
outdoor ice rink installation michigan
Once the outer wall is completed the liner is installed.
Outdoor Ice Rink Installation
Liner installed and the filling begins.
Once the rink is complete, additional items are installed. For this specific project nets will be placed at each end, along with outdoor lighting for night time use.
Completed Outdoor Ice Rink Installation
The most crucial step can now begin, waiting for the water to freeze.
Michigan Outdoor Ice Rink Installation
Nets are put in place, we can already picture the hockey games that will be played here.
Outdoor Ice Rink Installation
A glimpse of the ice rink during the evening.
Outdoor Ice Rink Design & Installation

Interested in your own personal ice skating rink this winter? Call the experts at Berns Landscaping today to find out more information about these seasonal ice rinks. No time to call and chat? Fill out our online request form and one of our experts will call you back at your convenience.

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