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Ice Rink Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Must the ground be perfectly level before installing my NiceRink™?
A: Small bumps and a slight slope will not affect your rink as water will seek its own level. However, checking the slope with a laser level and removing sharp objects and large sticks/rocks are smart ideas.

Q: Do I need a large area for a full size rink in order to skate well?
A: No. Even if you only have room for a small 20′ x 40′ NiceRink™-in-a-Box your family can enjoy hours of skating enjoyment. Larger rinks will accommodate a greater number of skaters safely as well as a greater variety of activities and games. You can always expand your NiceRink by adding the necessary additional components and a larger NiceRink Liner.

Q: How many seasons can I expect from my NiceRink™ liner?

A: The liner life will be determined by two things: What the rink is being used for: Hockey or just general skating? How the inside edge of the liner are protected. The inside edge of the rink right at ice level is the most vulnerable part of any outdoor temporary rink system. If the inside edges are not protected with KickPlates, ours or something else, the liner will be continually hit with sticks, skates, shovels, pucks, toe-picks, etc. and that area will have little nicks and cuts in the liner. If that’s the case the liner, no matter what you use for a liner, will be a one year liner, or you’ll have to shrink your rink the following year so the little nicks/cuts are above the water line. If the edges are protected at ice level, you can expect 2-5 years of life out of the liners. NRCS, probably 1-3, NiceRink #1 & #3 2-5 depending on the rinks use and how the edges are protected.

Q: What is the best time to install my NiceRink™?
A: Anytime before the onset of freezing weather is a good time to install your rink. The Brackets are much easier to install in UNFROZEN ground. It is best to fill the liner immediately once it is in place to prevent accidental damage from high winds, animals, etc.. Walking on the liner with the wrong shoes or over sharp objects left underneath can cause damage.

Q: How will snow and rain affect the surface of my NiceRink™?
A: Snow can easily be removed using one the many NiceRink™ shovel designs. Alternatively, you can use a snowblower and/or build an on/off ramp and use a tractor mounted snow blower, plow or sweeper brush assembly on your ice. A NiceIce™ resurfacer will return the surface of your rink to perfection whatever the weather conditions, provided it stays cold.

Q: Will my NiceRink liner damage my lawn?
A: This is a TRICKY QUESTION, as the majority of actual “NiceRink” liners which are ALWAYS WHITE/WHITE will give you a “99.9%” success rate in which your lawn will come back fine after the rink is taken down in the Spring. Usually, you will have to cut the grass where the rink was, as it comes back healthier.
***Other Liners and grass damage*** It is a well-known fact that Clear, White/Black and “woven tarps” rink liners KILL GRASS! Buyer Beware, we’ve been there, but never again!
Q: Why should I choose NiceRink™ over other methods?
A: Although there may be other methods and products to construct an outdoor ice rink, we feel NiceRink™ provides the most effective solutions to the problems associated with making an outdoor ice rink. Of course, everyone will always say their company/ideas are the best, but we would like to tell you why we think you should utilize NiceRink’s™ products. The most important part of making an outdoor rink is keeping the water/ice where you want it. Frozen & Above the ground!

NiceRink Liners -We have been in business since 1948, providing high strength, engineered plastic films for a multitude of industrial applications. We know what strong plastics are, how to engineer and splice them properly and provide the right material with water tight seaming for the right application.
NiceRink Brackets -After making our own rinks for years, we too got tired of pounding stake after endless support stake to hold the boards upright and the water in. The development of the NiceRink™ brackets has eased the “pains” that were associated with “building” an outdoor ice rink. Now you can just step in the brackets and all your support is in place. NiceRink™ brackets are a much easier and more adaptable system than pounding stakes, or trying to stack 2″ pieces of foam underneath a piece 2″ PVC pipe that wasn’t high enough in the first place.

  • Resurfacing – Using the NiceIce™ resurfacer has been “the greatest thing since sliced bread”. Before the NiceIce™ resurfacer, it took anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours to resurface my 60′ x 90′ surface. Now, 12 minutes per layer. Heck, I even put two coats on each time to make my ice even smoother. The ice in my backyard will rival any indoor ice surface. (When it’s frozen anyway)
  • Hockey Experience -We have skating experience too! Three “AAA” national champions, two of which played Junior “A” in the USHL. From us, our children are also involved in hockey from the local Mite programs all the way up to college hockey. Even Several sales personal and warehouse personal are hockey players. Hockey/Skating is in our blood, and it shows in our solution orientated skating products.
  • All in All-NiceRink™ will provide superior products, with customer service people that are actually available to answer the phones and handle any questions you may have. Join the NiceRink™ family and find out why everyone else stays!

Q: What should I look for when shopping for the best value?
A: WHITE-WHITE-WHITE-WHITE! NiceRink liners are Ultra-White on BOTH sides!

  • To help keep your ice as cold as possible by reflecting the UV rays away from your ice
  • To save your grass! Clear or White/Black liners are known grass killers, BUYER BEWARE!
  •  Liner warranty: NiceRink liners are warranted to hold the water when you get it. Some warranties on the market are for a 5 year “UV warranty”. That’s fine, but UV damage is not going to be the problem as the liners are covered with Snow and Ice during usage, so the UV doesn’t affect the liner. You need a good strong liner to do the work, and add KickPlates if at all possible.
  • Does the system hold the boards for you? NiceRink’s exclusive board holding brackets allow for the simplest install available.
  • Are the sides height adjustable? Does the system you’re looking at have a system in place to adjust for the slope in your yard, or does the yard have to be perfectly flat for the system to work? NiceRink will simply adjust to slopes in a yard, by changing the board height in Bracket. Of course always checking the slope with a laser level BEFORE starting is the best idea to know what board height you need to start with, so you don’t have to change out boards with water already in the rink. With NiceRink there’s NO need to stack foam under any 2″ PVC pipe sides to get them to the right height. NiceRink brackets will adjust to 14″ of water without any additional support needed.
  • How Long has the company been around? NiceRink has been around 20+ years since 1991, along with our parent company being in business for 64 YEARS, since 1948. Simply put….NiceRink Knows!
  • Market Reputation? Did you get a referral to use a particular rink system? Do you know someone that had a working rink of what you’re looking at purchasing? At NiceRink, we don’t hide our rink system under snow banks in our pictures. We’re proud to show the World’s Best Backyard Ice Rink System!
  • Actual Photos of Rinks and Products: When looking at buying a rink system, make sure you know what you’re actually buying. Do you see nice close up photos of what you’re actually buying. What are the sides? What is the Bracket? How do they adapt to uneven ground? Do you see actual rink pictures showing customers rinks in use with the product being used and SHOWING the product? Don’t buy what you can’t see.

Frequently asked questions article compliments of our affiliates at Nice Rink.

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