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How to Rake a Yard Fast

The leaves in autumn are beautiful, but cleaning them up can be a pain. Just when you feel like you’ve got them under control, a new set comes tumbling down. This guide will show you how to rake a yard fast so you can speed through the not-so-fun parts.

Rake the Yard in Rows

The best way to get full coverage from raking is to move in rows, similar to how you would mow a lawn or vacuum a room. Split your yard into quadrants, and then rake rows within those quadrants. This will save you from going back and forth to the center of the yard, and it will make each area seem more manageable.

Use Tarps to Transport the Leaves

Bagging leaves is a tedious task, especially if you have a large yard to cover. Save time and energy by raking your leaves onto tarps instead. You can then pick up the four corners of the tarp to create a “bag” that transports the leaves to a collection site.

If you still need to bag them, you can roll the tarp up and create a funnel to go into the bags. This is easier to maneuver than a rake inside a bag, and it creates an assembly line to speed up the process.

Be Mindful of the Wind (Bag in Small Piles)

If you’re raking on a windy day, keep an eye on the wind pattern. The last thing you want is to rake a large pile that’s immediately dispersed with a gust of wind. Rake in the direction that the wind is blowing so the breeze can guide the leaves where you want them to go.

To avoid constantly re-raking, you may need to work in smaller piles. This will limit the amount of leaves that get blown away between bagging. Of course, you could also wait for the wind to die down before raking the yard. But that may not be an option with Michigan’s windy weather.

Use a Wide “No Clog” Rake

Using the right rake can drastically speed up your raking time. We recommend a wide rake with clog-free tines. The tines on these rakes are designed not to pierce the leaves. Traditional rakes often stab the leaves like a skewer, which creates clogs and reduces the effectiveness of the rake. With a “no clog” rake, you can swiftly move across the yard in rows.

Rake before It Rains

Wet leaves are harder to rake than dry leaves. They’re also heavier, making them more difficult to bag and haul the leaves away. Monitor the weather, and try to rake before it rains. Otherwise, you may need to wait a few days for the leaf piles to dry out.

Use a Combination Leaf Vacuum and Blower

If you’re serious about raking a yard fast, get a combination leaf blower/vacuum. The blower feature will allow you to blow the leaves into piles, and the vacuum lets you suck them up without bagging. The leaves are cut up during the vacuuming process, so they turn into confetti inside the vacuum bag. You’ll still need to empty the bag on the vacuum, but the leaves will take up far less space than they do whole.

Hire Someone to Rake Your Yard Fast

You’re probably exhausted just from reading this yard raking guide. It’s no secret that raking a yard is a chore. Instead of stressing yourself out about the work to come, why not hire professionals to do the work for you? Berns Landscaping offers fall yard cleanup services, including gutter cleaning, winter plant preparation, and much more. We offer all-inclusive landscaping solutions for all four seasons, and we are proud to serve residential and commercial properties throughout Southeast Michigan. Contact us at (586) 756-1145 to schedule your fall cleanup.

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