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How to Create a Sustainable Landscape Design

Sustainability and landscaping don’t always coincide. The wrong landscape design can yield a ton of unnecessary waste, hurting your wallet and Mother Nature at the same time. At Berns Landscaping, we’ve spent years learning how to navigate the balance between stunning landscaping and sustainability. Our organic approach to landscape design and treatment focuses on respecting the environment, promoting plant health, and creating custom solutions for each property’s unique needs.

In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the fundamentals of sustainable landscape designs and what we’re doing to put nature first. 

Healthy Landscaping Starts with Healthy Soil

In Michigan, the soil is comprised of either clay or sand, covered with about 10 inches of topsoil. It took millions of years to create that tiny layer, and it only takes one swipe with a bulldozer to wipe it all away.

Because the thick layer beneath Michigan’s topsoil is nutrient lacking, sometimes it needs an extra boost to yield a truly sustainable landscape design. Nutrient-rich soil can feed healthy plants and fuel strong growth cycles. Otherwise, plants are more prone to die off and need frequent replacement, which unnecessarily adds to the environmental waste.

Berns Landscaping uses soil testing and environmentally-conscious fertilization to supplement the soil, as needed. Whether you want a lush lawn, a beautiful garden tapestry, or a modest landscape design that’s easy to maintain, proper soil nutrition is the first step in landscape sustainability.

Right Plant, Right Place

Another critical factor in designing sustainable landscaping is “Right plant, right place.” This is a core motto that we follow for any landscape plan – finding the best plants for each area. If you put a sun-driven plant on the shady side of the house, it’s not going to thrive. Plant a seemingly small tree too close to the building, and you could end up with a massive disaster once the roots take shape.   

The horticulturists and landscape designers at Berns Landscaping understand each plant’s specific nutritional needs, environmental needs, maintenance needs, and more. We use that knowledge to create thoughtful landscape designs that thrive. Our experts know how each plant affects the environment and how each environment affects the plants. All of this comes together for sustainable landscape planning.

The Financial Side of Sustainable Landscaping – Installation and Maintenance

The nature side of sustainability is important, but so is the economic side. A well-thought-out design is only as strong as the funding needed to maintain it. If the costs of maintaining the design outweigh the benefits or budget, it’s not a good fit for the property. Once again, we factor this into our design process to find a holistically sustainable design for each and every client.

Let Berns Landscaping Create a Custom and Sustainable Landscape Design for Your Property

Sustainable landscaping involves an intricate balance of elements. The average property owner doesn’t have the encyclopedia of knowledge our plant experts are equipped with. This isn’t just our job. It’s our passion! We wake up each day thrilled to create beautiful, flourishing landscapes in the communities we serve.

No matter what your goals are, we can create a sustainable landscape plan for you. Contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145 to schedule an in-person design consultation.

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