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How to Control Garden Pests without Pesticides

When most people think about pest control, they think about pesticides. However, there is a more effective way to control garden pests without harsh chemicals. It’s all about proper pruning and plant health monitoring – the fundamentals of our organic approach to landscaping care. Let’s take a closer look at the proactive solution for pest control.

Healthy Plants Can Fend for Themselves

Plant health is a key element of pest control. When a plant is healthy and strong, it is equipped with natural defenses. Think of the human immune system. When it is strong, the body is able to fight off disease and sickness. When the immune system gets weak, a person is more likely to get sick. Plants are the same way.

From fertilization to pruning and soil cultivation, our procedures are designed to help plants stay as healthy as possible. We employ deep root feeding that makes nutrients easily accessible to the plant’s root structure. We also monitor plant health throughout the growing season to check for issues at their first signs. These steps allow us to avoid pesticides as much as possible.

Pruned Plants Are Less Desirable to Pests

If a plant is overgrown and left alone, pests see it as a great place to eat and reside. With proper pruning, we can eliminate those issues and help the plant thrive. When a plant is pruned well, the nutrients are disbursed throughout the stems, leaves, roots and blooms. Our horticulturists know each plant’s specific pruning needs.

Don’t Forget – Weeds Are Pests Too!

Weed control is a component of pest control. Weeds can take over a plant, drawing vital water and nutrients away from the plant’s roots. During our bed care services, we hand-pull weeds to beautify your landscaping and protect your plant health.

Frequent Bed Care Catches Issues at the First Sign

Lawn care, landscaping and gardening requires consistent maintenance. It’s not something you can leave unattended. The residential and commercial clients at Berns Landscaping receive repetitive bed care as part of their grounds maintenance program. We customize our services to fit each client’s needs. With our Michigan landscaping company, you can rest assured that we are monitoring your plants for disease, insects, weeds, and other health threats. We have the tools and expertise to preserve your plant material and beautify your exterior.

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