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Horticulturist in Rochester Hills MI

Flowers Planted By a Horticulturist in Rochester Hills MI

If you’re worried about the health and vitality of your landscaping, you may need a horticulturist. This is a professional who specializes in plant care, disease prevention, and landscape maintenance. Berns Landscaping has a horticulturist in Rochester Hills MI, as well as a team of specialists who can help your landscape thrive. Contact us at (586) 756-1145 to learn more about our advanced landscaping solutions.

Horticulturist Skills and Specialties – What Does a Horticulturist Do?

Horticulturists are plant experts. Most gardeners and landscapers have a surface-level knowledge of plant care, but horticulturists know about each plant’s specific needs. This is a complex field. There are over 435,000 plant species around the world! Our horticulturists may not know about every one of them, but they are extremely familiar with native and non-native plants in the Rochester Hills area.

Here’s an overview of what horticulturists do:

  • Prescribe Specific Care Plans for Each Plant
  • Understand the Science behind Plant Care, Including Soil Content and Climate Adjustments
  • Monitor for Changes in the Local Environment, Such as a New Plant Disease or Pest Infestation
  • Check Plants for Early Signs of Damage and Provide Proactive Solutions
  • Act as a Knowledge Resource for Other Landscaping Specialists
  • Help Property Owners Maintain Beautiful Landscapes All Year Long

You can speak with a horticulturist in Rochester Hills MI by calling (586) 756-1145. We look forward to helping you create the garden of your dreams!

Berns Landscaping Has a Diverse Crew of Hand-Picked Specialists

When we started our business over 40 years ago, we wanted to be the best of the best. To accomplish this, we needed experts in every area of landscape maintenance. Our hand-selected experts take care of homes and businesses throughout the Rochester Hills area. We’d love for you to join the family. Our services include:

  • Plant Renovation Services for Overgrown Landscapes
  • Beautiful Landscape Designs for Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Estate Gardening, Garden Bed Edging, Mulching, and Weed Removal
  • Pest Control Using a Plant-First Approach
  • Disease Prevention and Plant Health Monitoring from a Horticulturist in Rochester Hills MI
  • Personalized Fertilization Plans, Including Deep Root Fertilization and Soil Testing
  • Liquid Aeration and Dethatching to Reach Every Inch of Your Property
  • Hardscaping and Brick Paving to Create Gorgeous Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Fall Leaf Removal, Winter Plant Protection, and Snow Management Services
  • Hedge Trimming and Dormant Tree Pruning
  • Complete Grounds Maintenance from a Longstanding Local Business

Contact (586) 756-1145 to Speak with an Experienced Horticulturist in Rochester Hills MI