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Horticulturist in Northville MI

Estate Garden Maintained by a Horticulturist in Northville MI

Horticulturists are plant specialists. They have extensive experience in the science behind plant care, and they know what each plant needs to flourish. If you want the best of the best caring for your property, you need to have a horticulturist on your side. Thankfully, Berns Landscaping has a horticulturist in Northville MI who understands the unique needs of the area. Give us a call at (586) 756-1145 to schedule your plant care consultation.

Premium Plant Care from an Experienced Horticulturist in Northville MI

Berns Landscaping has been in business for 40 years. You don’t get that kind of longevity unless you know your stuff! We take pride in having seasoned specialists on our staff who are incredibly good at what they do. With the help of your horticulturist, you can…

  • Discover Why Certain Plants Aren’t Thriving and What You Can Do to Revive Them
  • Get a Custom Landscape Design That Puts the Right Plants in the Right Places
  • Fertilize and Treat Your Plants to Ensure They Flourish
  • Enjoy Strategic Pruning for Bushes, Shrubs, Trees and Plants
  • Take the Stress out of Mulching and Weed Removal with a Seasoned Horticulturist on Your Side
  • Renovate Overgrown Plants on Your Property and Make the Most of Their Rich Root Structure
  • Boost Your Curb Appeal and Enjoy a Truly Stunning Lawn and Garden

To speak with a horticulturist in Northville MI, contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145.

What If I Want to Take Care of My Own Garden?

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or one of the 18.3 million new gardeners that cropped up during the pandemic, you can still enjoy gardening on your own. Berns Landscaping provides comprehensive landscaping care from teams of highly-trained specialist. Your horticulturist can help monitor your plant health and provide personalized suggestions for disease prevention, fertilization, etc. But if you want to handle certain elements of your gardening, go for it! We’ll take on the nitty gritty work so you can enjoy the more rewarding parts of the process.

Get the Gorgeous Landscape Design You’ve Always Dreamed of

Want to completely renovate your landscaping? We’ve got designers to help! They coordinate with the horticulturists to make sure they choose the perfect plants for your property. Here are some additional services you can look forward to:

  • Plant Health Monitoring and Plant Renovation from an Experienced Horticulturist in Northville MI
  • Hedge Trimming, Shrub/Bush Pruning, Tree Trimming and Weed Removal Services
  • Seasonal Landscaping Programs, Such as Holiday Light Displays and Fall Landscaping Cleanup
  • Snow and Ice Management for Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Premium Landscape Designs That Add a Wow Factor to Your Façade
  • Year-Long Landscape Maintenance from Crews of Specialists
  • Natural Pest Control and Disease Prevention That Focuses on Fortifying Your Plants
  • Fertilization with Soil Testing to Ensure Your Turf Is Properly Nourished
  • Custom Aeration and Dethatching Programs That Reach Every Inch of the Property
  • Bed Edging, Garden Flower Swaps, Mulch Top-offs and More

If You’d Like Professional Garden Care from an Experienced Horticulturist in Northville MI, Reach out to Berns Landscaping | (586) 756-1145