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Benefits of Hardscaping

Hardscaping refers to all the non-living elements incorporated in your landscaping.  These types of features can include walkways, patios, gazebos, fences, water-features and more. Hardscaping provides functional features to landscape without all the maintenance living elements usually require.

Hardscape features provide a long term increase of property value, that do not require consistent care and maintenance like your lawn and gardens. Adding more hardscape features than lawn and garden features are great for those who do not have the time to spend maintaining a yard or who would prefer more functionality for entertaining.Here are a few of the other benefits of hardscaping:

  • The ability to expand your outdoor living space.
  • Additional textures, color and visual interests.
  • Create shaded areas.
  • Direct the flow of movement through your landscape/garden to your home.
  • Create privacy and security.

Berns Landscaping offers award winning landscape design including hardscapes and water features. If you are interested in expanding your outdoor landscaping, call the experts at Berns Landscaping Services, Inc. today (586.756.1145 East / 248.835.3000 West) for a free estimate or fill out our free estimate form online.

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