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Fall Planting

Why is fall the best time for planting?

You have seen and heard it before, that fall is a great time for planting. However, what you may not know is why. We think of fall as the end of the gardening season, plants are loosing leaves, they have stopped growing and are beginning to shut down for the winter. While visually it looks like everything is just shutting down, underneath the ground the root systems are gearing up.

More roots are developed during the fall than any other time of the year. This is the reason it is best to plant during the fall months. When you plant in the fall you are given the newly planted shrubs and trees a head start for the following year. The cooler temperatures create a less stressful situation (for the plants and us) and falls natural rainfall helps keep these new plants hydrated.

Fall is the best time to plant trees, shrubs, lawns, evergreens, perennials, spring bulbs and late season annuals. Fall is also a great time for transplanting for the same reasons it’s a great time to plant.

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