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End Of Fall Landscape Tips

November is coming to an end and for most of us this will be the last of the outdoor landscaping until next Spring. Here are some end of fall landscape tips to take care of before we encounter our first snowfall.

  • Leaf Clean-up: We have told you multiple times before, rake your leaves! Be sure to get up leaves from your lawn, if you haven’t been keeping up on them now would be a great time to get going! Leaving leaves on the ground through out the winter can lead to mold, disease and a damaged lawn next spring!
  • Fruit Tree Clean-up: Don’t forget to clean up under your fruit trees this month! Remember to remove any debris that might be found under and around them. This includes twigs, leaves and any remaining fruit. Failure to remove these items will make an unwelcome winter home for insects and disease, which could promptly attack your tree next spring!
  • Grading: Check the grading around your home to make sure water is running away from your foundation. Be sure to check this throughout the winter as well, rain and snow can cause erosion and built up water against your homes foundation can cause lots of damage.
  • Tree Care – Have a professional arborist take a look at your trees. Winter storms can bring a lot of damage, heavy  ice, strong winds and other issues can create a big mess. A certified arborist can easily detect which limbs should be removed and which should be trimmed or cabled for extra support.

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