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Fall Cleanup in Grosse Pointe MI

Hands Closeup of Fall Cleanup in Grosse Pointe MI

If you want your property to look great even in the heart of autumn, it’s time to call in the professionals. Berns Landscaping offers proactive fall cleanup in Grosse Pointe MI, which means we’ll keep your yard looking great well into the autumn months. We’ll also protect your plants for winter so they blossom well in the spring. You can count on our crew of specialists all throughout the year.

  • Landscape Designs That Are Customized for Your Property, Budget and Maintenance Goals
  • Professional Tree Trimming, Dormant Tree Pruning, and Other Tree Services from an Arborist
  • Weed Control, Bed Edging, Pest Control and Mulching
  • Thoughtful Fertilization Applications – We’re Conscientious about Our Environmental Impact
  • Plant Renovation, Plant Health Monitoring and Proactive Plant Care
  • Residential Landscaping, Estate Gardening, and Commercial Landscaping
  • Soil Cultivation, Natural Dethatching and Aeration
  • Lawn Mowing, Mulching and Bed Care
  • Snow and Ice Management, Spring Bed Care, Winter Plant Protection and Fall Cleanup in Grosse Pointe MI

If you’d like a personalized landscape maintenance plan, feel free to call (586) 756-1145 for a quote.

Thorough Fall Yard Cleanup to Protect Your Landscaping through the Winter

Did you know that fall cleanup can protect your fencing and reduce pests? Unattended leaf piles become a breeding ground for pests in the fall and winter, and they can trap moisture around your fence line. Fall cleanup not only improves the look of your property, but it can also protect the features within it. Services may include:

  • Raking and Disposing of Leaves
  • End-of-Season Lawn Mowing
  • Gutter Cleaning and Winter Plant Protection (Burlap Wraps)
  • Mulching, Bed Edging and Seasonal Floral Swaps
  • Weed Removal and Pest Control
  • General Yard Cleanup, Including Dead Branches and Other Debris
  • Fertilizer Applications
  • And Any Other Fall Cleanup Services You May Need on Your Property

Call (586) 756-1145 to get a custom plan for fall cleanup in Grosse Pointe MI.

What about Winter Landscaping Services, Like Snow Removal and Tree Trimming?

Berns Landscaping has hand-picked specialists in every area of landscape design and maintenance. We have the equipment and expertise to care for your property all year long, including the winter months. If you need snow and ice management or dormant tree pruning, Berns Landscaping is here to assist you. Reach out today to learn more about our seasonal services.

Berns Landscaping Offers Proactive Fall Cleanup That Is Customized for Your Property | Call (586) 756-1145 to Schedule a Quote