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Heading into the winter months give evergreen plants the opportunity to take the spotlight in Michigan landscapes. Unlike deciduous trees which give us canopies of green throughout the spring and summer and a stunning show of vibrant colors in the winter, evergreens provide us with green all year round.

There are a variety of trees and shrubs that fall into the evergreen family, which hold their leaves throughout all the seasons. Conifers (Hemlock, Blue Spruce, Red Cedar and White Pine) and holly are the most popular types of evergreen found in Michigan. Evergreen trees do loose their leaves, but they do not loose them all at the same time.

Evergreens | Michigan Landscape Design
DID YOU KNOW? Planting evergreen trees strategically around your home you can save you up to 50% on winter heating cost as the trees will act as a “windbreaker” from cold gusts.


Because evergreens provide lush green foliage all year round they are a very beneficial plant to use in your landscape. There are a variety of different ways evergreen plants can be used in your landscape, here are a few for you to consider.

  • Privacy – The lush season long foliage of evergreens such as arborvitae, juniper and yew make great privacy hedges.
  • Borders – Outline your beds and paths with dwarf versions that will accentuate these key areas of landscape design all year round.
  • Backdrop – You can create a beautiful backdrop you can enjoy all year round. By choosing different varieties you can very the shades of green to create a very pleasing display.
  • Groundcover– Low lying species of spreading evergreen can create a beautiful carpet of green when needed.
  • Hide areas of your home – Have some unsightly areas around your home you would rather not see all the time? Evergreens are a great way to hide your homes foundation, water faucets, water meters and any other area you may not like.

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