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Estate Gardening in Royal Oak MI

Estate Gardening in Royal Oak MI

If you are in need of reliable, professional estate gardening in Royal Oak MI, you’ve come to the right place! Berns Landscaping receives consistent referrals for residential landscaping, commercial landscaping and estate gardening. We take pride in the work we do, and we provide completely custom services for each of our clients. Our skills include:

  • Residential Landscaping and Estate Gardening in Royal Oak MI
  • All-Inclusive Lawn and Garden Maintenance
  • Pest Control, Aeration, Dethatching and Weed Control
  • Disease Prevention and Multi-Step Fertilization Programs
  • An Organic Approach to Landscaping That’s Proven to Work
  • Garden Bed Edging, Mulching and Floral Swaps
  • Soil Testing to Enrich the Soil as Needed
  • Gorgeous Landscape Designs and Strategic Tree Services
  • Seasonal Gardening Solutions, Including Winter Plant Protection and Spring Garden Cleanup

The process starts with a simple phone call to (586) 756-1145. We can discuss your goals and find the perfect plan to maintain your garden.

Making Your Estate Garden Stylish and Nature-Friendly

The landscaping industry is surprisingly wasteful. This is because most landscaping companies do not think about the long-term effects of their efforts. Blindly spraying pesticide across a lawn puts unnecessary chemicals in the environment and harms the yard’s natural immune system. The same can be said for putting plants in areas they clearly aren’t going to thrive. At Berns Landscaping, we are incredibly strategic in our approach, ensuring that your garden and Mother Nature have the best chance at success.

  • We Do Everything We Can to Reduce Our Environmental Footprint
  • Fortify Your Plants and Your Turf So They Can Fend for Themselves – Only Apply Pesticides as Needed, Where Needed
  • Choose the Right Plant for the Right Placement to Ensure Maximum Health and Vitality
  • Take Advantage of Your Existing Root Structures with Plant Renovation and Flexible Landscaping Designs
  • You’ll Get an Estate Garden Plan That Fits Your Budget, Maintenance Goals, and Much More!

To learn more about our organic approach to estate gardening in Royal Oak MI, please call (586) 756-1145.

From Planting Trees to Creating a Majestic Garden, Berns Landscaping Can Help

Consider Berns Landscaping your one-stop-shop for everything related to landscape. Whether you have trees that need pruning or a complex garden in need of tedious care, our experts are available for you. Reach out today to start your landscape transformation.

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For More Information about Quality Estate Gardening in Royal Oak MI, Call Our Landscaping Specialists: (586) 756-1145