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Estate Gardening in Sterling Heights MI

Estate Gardening in Sterling Heights MI

A beautiful estate involves layers of strategically-placed landscaping. The right plants in the right areas can transform a property from basic to show-stopping. Berns Landscaping has a reputation for reinvigorating estate gardens and maintaining their unique beauty. If you’re looking for quality estate gardening in Sterling Heights MI, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Garden Bed Cleanup and Frequent Mulching/Weed Removal
  • Unique Landscape Designs That Are Completely Tailored to Your Property
  • Soil Testing and Fertilization Services to Enrich the Ground Your Garden Rests on
  • All-Inclusive Landscaping for Every Season
  • Arborist Tree Services, Including Dormant Tree Pruning and Stump Removal
  • Plant Health Monitoring from Experienced Horticulturists
  • Amazing Customer Service from Qualified Estate Gardeners in Sterling Heights MI

To learn more about our estate gardening services, please call (586) 756-1145. We would be happy to arrange an in-person consultation.

Professional Estate Gardening for Customers Who Demand Perfection

You have a vision for your property. You know what you like, and you deserve nothing less than that. Our specialists are prepared to handle even the most specific of demands. We take pride in your property just like you do, and we fully respect the dream you have for your space. Our experienced gardeners can bring that dream to life.

  • Find the Perfect Plants for Each Area of Your Estate Garden
  • Get Proactive Lawn and Garden Care You Don’t Have to Think about
  • Work with Experienced Professionals Who Specialize in Horticulture, Fertilization, Landscape Design, and Much More
  • Create a Phased Plan for Your Garden That Sets You up for Long-Term Success
  • Enhance Your Property Value with a Strategic Landscape Design
  • Enjoy Your Gorgeous Outdoor Space All throughout the Year

Give us a call at (586) 756-1145 to schedule your consultation for estate gardening in Sterling Heights MI.

Year-Long, Hassle-Free Landscaping Services

Estate gardening isn’t a one-time service. It’s something that happens all year long, even when the plants are dormant. Berns Landscaping offers comprehensive landscaping solutions for every season. Rest assured that your estate will look great, no matter what.

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