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Enhancing Natural Beauty With Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting has much more to offer than just lighting your front porch and walkways. Outdoor lighting is a great way to enhance the natural beauty of your landscape, while adding security and safety. Creative landscape lighting techniques can make any home shine at night.

Michigan Outdoor Landscape Lighting
Up Lighting

Two great techniques to enhance the natural beauty found around your home are up lighting and silhouetting.

Up Lighting –  Positioning lighting on or in the ground in an upward direction. This technique is used to add drama and enhance features of your landscape such as trees, shrubs and gazebos.

Silhouetting – This technique is also known as backlighting and is another form of up lighting. An example of silhouetting is illuminating a fence, which has a row of neatly pruned shrubs running along it. This enhances the shape of the shrubs and makes them stand out instead of blending in. This technique offers added security for fence lines around your property.

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