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Does Liquid Aeration Really Work?

Mechanical aeration was once the only way to cultivate soil, but nowadays, it’s considered a bit “old school.” Liquid aeration is progressively becoming an industry staple, thanks to its widespread coverage without damage. You’re probably wonder, “Does liquid aeration really work? How can a liquid revitalize my lawn?” Learn about the extensive benefits of natural aeration, courtesy of Berns Landscaping.

Difference between Mechanical Aeration and Liquid Aeration

Mechanical aeration, also known as core aeration, involves a machine that punctures holes into the ground. The machine collects cores about the size of a jalapeno all throughout the lawn, leaving quite a mess upon completion. Mechanical aerators often struggle to move in curved lines, which make them ineffective for certain areas of the lawn.

Natural aeration with liquid application involves a special solution that covers the entire yard, regardless of the shape. At Berns Landscaping, we use a product called Bio-Aer that breaks down the thatch organically. It does not involve any form of penetration. Instead, it eliminates the elements that suffocate your turf and distributes healthy organic material back into the soil. 

Benefits of Liquid Aeration over Core Aeration

In the battle of natural aeration vs. mechanical aeration, the organic approach is going to win every time. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Liquid aeration can reach every corner of the yard, even in tricky spots.
  • Core aeration could puncture your irrigation system, root structures, and other features.
  • Liquid aeration enriches the soil with vital nutrients.
  • Mechanical aeration leaves a mess behind, but liquid aeration leaves no damage at all.
  • Natural aeration is more affordable than core aeration, and it typically takes less time.

It’s easy to see why we prefer liquid aeration over mechanical applications. This is what we recommend for all of our clients, and it has turned into a staple for the Berns Landscaping approach.

Do All Lawns Need Aeration?

Most lawns can benefit from aeration, dethatching, soil cultivation and fertilization. However, every property has unique needs. If your lawn is already healthy, vibrant and densely packed with resilient grass, it may not need to be aerated. If your grass is patchy, dying, or riddled with weeds, you may need other landscaping services before we can apply liquid aeration. We’ll discuss all of this during your in-person consultation to come up with a custom plan for your landscaping.

Note that Berns Landscaping strives to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible. We will never recommend a service you don’t need or blindly spray chemicals in your yard. All of our services are strategic, thoughtful and aimed at invigorating your lawn.

So…Does Liquid Aeration Really Work?

The short answer is – absolutely! That doesn’t necessarily mean that your lawn needs to be aerated though. Our landscaping experts would be happy to evaluate your lawn, garden, budget and goals to provide a personalized maintenance plan for you. Contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145 to get a quote for liquid aeration near you.

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