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Deer Resistant Plants

Many Michigan residents are no strangers to deer, we see them while driving throughout the state and we even see them in our own backyards. While those in more rural areas are sure to see deer more frequently than those in the city, many city dwellers still manage to find deer in their yards on occasion.

Deer Resistant Plants
Bee balm is one fragrant plant deer usually avoid.

While the plants deer will eat vary from area to area, there are a few basic guidelines that may help keep your plants intact. Ornamental grasses are one things deer will usually avoid and never eat. Other deer resistant plants also include herbs and other plants with strong scents such as sage, bee balm, lemon balm, purple lilac, ect.

Deer seem to dislike plants that have textures, such as those with thorns or fuzz. With the exception of roses, other throned plants such as purple cone flowers or barberry will keep the deer at bay.

Here are some other usually deer resistant plants for Michigan residents daffodils, chrysanthemums, fox glove, wood fern, verbena, forsythia, bleeding heart, yarrow columbine, sweet woodruff, peony and butterfly weed.

If you have plants in your yard that deer do enjoy such as hostas, a barrier or deer resistant plants may be enough to keep them away from their favorites as well.  While the plants above are usually found to be deer resistant deer have and will eat things that they dislike from time to time.

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