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Commercial Landscaping in Wayne County

Commercial Landscaping in Wayne County

Are you looking for someone to take complete control of your commercial landscaping? From lawn care to plant health to fertilization and beyond – we do it all here at Berns Landscaping. We have teams of dedicated professionals who specialize in tree pruning, aeration, pest control, landscape design, winterization, soil testing, and anything else you may need for your property. Choose from a range of commercial landscaping services in Wayne County MI, including:

  • Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping Maintenance for Commercial Properties
  • Estate Gardening throughout the Year
  • Tree Services from a Licensed Arborist, Including Tree Care, Tree Fertilization, Stump Removal, and Tree Cutting
  • Pest Control, Weed Control and Vegetation Control
  • Natural Aeration and Dethatching Services
  • Landscaping Design and Premier Cleanup
  • Winter Landscaping Prep, Irrigation Winterization, Burlap Wrapping and Snow/Ice Removal
  • Mid-Season Inspections and Seasonal Color Swaps
  • Mulching, Soil Cultivation and Persistent Bed Care
  • Soil Testing to Evaluate the Exact Cause of Landscaping Issues
  • An Organic Approach That Promotes Long-Term Plant Health
  • Plant Renovation and Plant Removal
  • Outdoor Lighting Installation and Maintenance
  • And Other Forms of Commercial Landscaping in Wayne County MI

To schedule an in-person quote for commercial landscaping services, contact us at (586) 756-1145. Also serving these counties:

Full-Service, Hassle-Free Commercial Landscaping Solutions

You’ve got enough on your plate. You shouldn’t have to worry about your lawn as well. Here at Berns Landscaping, we take the hassle out of property maintenance. We monitor your yard and plant material throughout the growing season. We take proactive steps to enrich your plant life and establish a rich soil structure for your lawn. The result is a stunning outdoor feature that makes your business look warm and inviting.

  • We Take Care of Everything – Uplighting, Mulching, Bed Edging, Dethatching and Much More!
  • Over 35 Years of Commercial Landscaping Experience
  • Dedicated Teams for Each Element of Lawn Care and Landscaping Care
  • Professional Care with a Wow Factor
  • Personalized Services for Every Property
  • High-End Landscape Designs That Add Curb Appeal and Property Value

If you’re ready to get started, give us a call at (586) 756-1145. One of our knowledgeable landscaping specialists will gladly answer all your questions. You can count on Berns Landscaping for residential and commercial landscaping in Wayne County MI.

Get a Premier Cleanup to Revitalize Your Landscaping

One of our favorite ways to welcome new clients to the Berns family is with a Premier Cleanup. We remove the weeds, cut back overgrown plant material, cultivate the soil, replace the mulch, trim the shrubs, and make your property look like a showstopper. Then we create a custom maintenance plan to keep your commercial landscaping looking its best. Reach out today to schedule a Premier Cleanup from Berns Landscaping.

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For More Information about Commercial Landscaping in Wayne County MI, Give Us a Call at (586) 756-1145