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Certified Arborist in Bloomfield Hills MI

Gorgeous Home Landscaping From Certified Arborist in Bloomfield Hills MI

Want premium tree care from someone who specializes in arboriculture? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Berns Landscaping has an entire team of professional tree pruners and tree climbers, all guided by a certified arborist in Bloomfield Hills MI.

  • Get Tailored Advice from a Seasoned Tree Specialist with Years of Experience
  • Enjoy Completely Custom Care for Each Tree on Your Property
  • Prune Problematic Branches at the Earliest Signs to Protect Your Property and Landscaping
  • Receive All-Inclusive Landscape Maintenance from Crews of Hand-Picked Experts
  • Settle for Nothing Less Than the Best! You Can Work with a Certified Arborist in Bloomfield Hills MI

It takes an extensive amount of work, education and experience to become certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. Not only must the arborist pass rigorous testing, but he or she must also pursue continued education to remain up-to-date about tree care changes. So when we say you’ll get premium care from a certified arborist in Bloomfield Hills MI, we mean it! Your forestry will look pristine, and it will continue to thrive for years to come.

To schedule an appointment for tree services, custom landscape design or comprehensive property maintenance, contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145.

How Often Do Trees Need Pruning?

The timing for tree pruning depends on the age of the tree, the species, the current health/growth pattern, and many other factors. Your Bloomfield Hills arborist will take all this into consideration when creating a custom tree care plan for your property. On average, most mature trees should be trimmed every 3-5 years, and young trees should be trimmed every couple of years. Reach out today to get a consultation for your property.

Year-Long Landscaping Services for Commercial and Residential Properties

Your trees aren’t the only plants that need care. Berns Landscaping provides top-quality landscaping services for all seasons, including:

  • Dormant Tree Pruning, Tree Trimming, Stump Removal and Complete Tree Services from a Certified Arborist in Bloomfield Hills MI
  • Mulching, Bed Edging, Soil Testing, Fertilization and Garden Flower Swaps
  • Fall Landscaping Services, Such as Leaf Removal, Shrub Wrapping and Routine Gutter Cleaning
  • Hardscaping Services with Landscape Design, Including Brick Patios, Fire Pits, Water Features and More
  • Natural Mosquito and Pest Control to Protect Your Plants and Eliminate Nuisances on the Property
  • Weed Removal, Plant Health Monitoring, Disease Prevention, and Deep Root Fertilization
  • Aeration and Dethatching That Doesn’t Leave Your Yard Full of Holes
  • An Organic Approach to Year-Long Landscape Maintenance
  • Jaw-Dropping Landscape Designs for Estate Gardens, Residential Properties and Commercial Properties
  • Hedge Trimming and Professional Shrub Care
  • Snow/Ice Management and Other Seasonal Landscaping Services

Contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145 to Meet with a Certified Arborist in Bloomfield Hills MI