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Certified Arborist in Birmingham MI

View of Certified Arborist in Birmingham MI Trimming Bushes

Taking care of trees is a tricky, dangerous business. It’s not a process to take lightly, so you want to be careful with who you hire. We highly recommend looking for a certified arborist that has the credentials to safely prune your tree. We have a specialist just like that on staff here at Berns Landscaping.

Contact us at (586) 756-1145 to speak with a certified arborist in Birmingham MI. We look forward to caring for your forestry.

Why It Pays to Hire a Certified Arborist for Tree Care

You may be thinking, “Do I actually need an arborist? Is hiring an arborist worth it?” We may be a little biased, but we can say with absolute certainty that yes, it’s worth it! Here are some perks you can expect when you use an arborist for tree care:

  • Get Expert-Level Care for Each Tree’s Unique Needs
  • Ensure the Safety of Everyone on the Property, Including Workers, Guests, Family Members and Passersby
  • Establish a Long-Term Plan for Tree Health That Keeps Your Forestry Thriving
  • Eliminate Weak Tree Branches before They Fall
  • Prune Strategically to Promote Proper Tree Growth
  • Remove Hazardous Trees That Are beyond Salvaging
  • Receive Tree Services from a Certified Arborist in Birmingham MI

Safety, plant health, disease prevention and strategic growth planning. That’s what you can look forward to in your journey. If that sounds like a plan that aligns with your goals, call (586) 756-1145 to reach a Birmingham arborist.

What Does an Arborist Do?

Arborists are tree scientists. They don’t cut down branches haphazardly or remove salvageable trees ‘just because.’ They evaluate each tree’s unique needs and create a custom care plan that fits them.

Berns Landscaping has an ISA-certified arborist on staff to manage and perform tree care for our clients. This includes tree climbing, tree trimming, dormant tree pruning, tree removal and more. If you want premium care for your forestry, you can count on our certified arborist in Birmingham MI.

Landscaping Solutions for Every Inch of Your Property

Need more than tree care? Want a comprehensive landscaping plan for your commercial or residential property? Berns Landscaping has you covered. We offer:

  • Full-Service Landscape Maintenance, Groundskeeping and Estate Gardening
  • An Organic Approach That Protects Mother Nature While Helping Your Landscape Flourish
  • Fertilization, Plant Health Monitoring, Horticulture and Professional Gardening
  • Stellar Landscape Designs That Are Specifically Made for Your Property, Budget and Goals
  • Plant Renovation and Garden Bed Refreshes
  • Fall Landscape Cleanup, Spring Garden Care and Winter Plant Protection
  • Outdoor Living Spaces, Patios, Backyard Fireplaces, Custom Fire Pits and Hardscaping
  • Reliable and Proactive Lawn Care, Including Snow and Ice Removal in the Winter
  • Outdoor Lighting and Water Features to Enhance Your Landscape Design
  • Gorgeous Retaining Walls and Full-Property Drainage Solutions
  • Commercial Landscaping Services and Residential Landscaping Services
  • Top-Quality Tree Care from a Certified Arborist in Birmingham MI

Contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145 to Speak with a Certified Arborist in Birmingham MI