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Certified Arborist in Michigan

Certified Arborist in Michigan Holding Tablet in Front of Tree

Trees can grow for hundreds of years, but that doesn’t mean they’re maintenance free. Whether you have established trees on your property or new ones building their roots, Berns Landscaping can ensure they thrive. We have a certified arborist in Michigan with years of experience in tailored tree care. Safety and longevity are always our top priorities, and you’ll experience that with our tree services. Reach out to (586) 756-1145 to schedule your tree care consultation.

Premium Tree Services from a Certified Arborist in Michigan

Arborists are tree specialists. They understand what each species of tree needs to grow, flourish and protect itself from disease. With the help of a certified arborist, you’ll get…

  • Strategic Tree Pruning to Promote Plant Health and Vitality
  • Safety Tree Trimming to Remove Hazardous Branches and Limbs
  • Protect Your Family and Your Property – Our Arborists Follow Strict Safety Guidelines Using Advanced Equipment
  • Tree Fertilization and Disease Prevention to Reverse Damage and Salvage Stable Trees
  • Coordinating Landscaping Plans for Your Entire Property – Berns Landscaping Can Handle It All

Contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145 to speak with an arborist near you.

What’s the Difference between an Arborist and a Landscaper?

Here at Berns Landscaping, we don’t just trim trees. We care for trees. In fact, they’re one of our biggest passions!

A general landscaper may offer basic tree trimming, but we go above and beyond. Berns Landscaping has an ISA-certified arborist on staff with extensive knowledge on each tree’s unique needs. We can prune, renovate and revitalize the trees on your property to keep them thriving for decades to come. That’s what you can expect when an arborist is on your side.  

High-Quality Care for Every Plant on Your Property – From Huge Trees to Tiny Flowers

Your trees aren’t the only plants in need of year-long care. Every flower, shrub and bush on your property has its own needs. Berns Landscaping takes the guess work out of maintaining a beautiful landscaping with services like:

  • Thoughtful Landscape Design That Takes into Account the Unique Features on Your Property
  • Landscape Buildouts That Include Hardscaping, Retaining Walls, Patios, Fireplaces, Gazebos, Pergolas and More
  • Stunning Outdoor Lighting Designs, Including Holiday Light Displays
  • Residential and Commercial Landscaping Services
  • Groundskeeping, Property Management and Estate Gardening
  • Horticulture and Plant Health Monitoring from Seasoned Experts
  • Fertilization Programs with Soil Testing, Dethatching and Aeration
  • Lawn Care You Can Count on from a Landscaping Company You Can Trust
  • Dependable Tree Services, Courtesy of a Certified Arborist in Michigan

Contact Berns Landscaping at (586) 756-1145 to Schedule Tree Services from a Certified Arborist in Michigan