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Can You Transplant a Tree without Killing It?

Want to move a special tree from your old house to your new one? Perhaps you have a tree that’s problematic in its current placement, but you have a good spot for it somewhere else. Whatever the case may be, you’re looking to safely transplant a tree without killing it. Here are some tips to boost your chance for success.

Tree Replanting vs. Tree Removal

If you no longer want a tree in its current location, you have the option to remove it or replant it. Not all trees can be replanted, but all trees can be removed. The amount of effort it takes to cut down/kill the tree or transfer it will vary from one plant to the next. If the tree is completely dead and cannot be salvaged, tree removal is likely the only option. Otherwise, you can weigh the cost, time and effort to determine if you want to transfer the tree to a new placement.

Can Any Tree Be Transferred to a New Location?

No, not all trees can be transplanted. There are many factors that determine if a tree can be transferred, such as the size of the tree, the species and root structure, the tree’s age and health, the new location, and more. We highly recommend working with an arborist or tree specialist, much like the ones we have on staff here at Berns Landscaping. This ensures that you take the proper steps for your property, your tree and your overall goals, or it might prevent you from attempting the impossible.

How to Transplant a Tree without Killing It

If a tree is healthy enough to be transplanted, we recommend doing this as soon as the ground thaws in the late winter and early spring. This gives the tree an entire growing cycle to re-establish its root structure in the new location. We remove the stump and buttress roots, and we apply bionutrients to the soil that stimulate root growth.  

Depending on the size of the tree, it may need temporary supports while it builds its new root structure. We will closely monitor the tree’s health and fertilize or treat it as needed. That’s one of the perks of working with an all-inclusive landscaping company like Berns Landscaping. We have arborists, horticulturists, fertilization technicians, and tons of other specialists on hand for all your property management needs.

Will the Leftover Roots Grow into New Trees?

Once the stump is removed, the feeder roots that remain in the ground will die off. You do no have to worry about them growing into new trees. If you have sucker trees growing off a tree on your property, we can address them as part of your landscaping maintenance.

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