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Can You Plant Landscaping in Winter?

Most plants bloom in spring, but that’s not the only time they’re active. There are plenty of plants that bloom all year long, and there are others that can be transplanted when they’re dormant. Read on to learn about planting landscaping in winter.

Some Plants Can Be Planted in Winter, But Not All

At Berns Landscaping, we follow the motto “right plant, right place.” However, right time is also important for plant health. Many plants are dormant in the winter and can be transplanted during their dormancy. For others though, the winter is too harsh for the plant to successfully bounce back in the winter.

Each plant has unique requirements for sunlight, water, nutrients and general planting practices. Our experienced horticulturists take careful precautions to maximize the vitality of each plant. We will only recommend winter landscaping if we think the plants have a good chance of survival.

When It’s Not Possible to Landscape in Winter

Snow on the ground doesn’t necessarily mean it’s impossible to plant, but if the ground is frozen several inches down, it’s best to wait. The chance of a transplant being successful in those conditions is slim to none. We monitor this and other climate data before installing new landscaping on a property.

Since the average temperatures in Metro Detroit are at or below freezing for December through February, our climate doesn’t always allow for winter planting. We are projected to get above-average temperatures this winter, which may create more favorable conditions.

You Could Get a Landscape Design Plan in Winter

If the winter isn’t a good time to plant the landscaping you’re wanting, you could use this time to get a custom landscape design. Your designer will come up with a plan that you can execute after the last frost of the year. This also gives you time to save up for the landscape build or contemplate the types of plants you want on your property.

Berns Landscaping offers high-end landscaping designs for commercial and residential properties. We’re happy to utilize the plants you already have on the property, or we can create a completely new design that starts from scratch. We’ll customize our plans and timing to suit your needs.

Other Winter Landscaping Services from Berns Landscaping

Our landscaping experts don’t slow down just because it’s winter. Instead, they shift their attention to winter landscaping services, such as dormant tree pruning, snow removal, seasonal ice rink installation and holiday light displays. To learn more about our winter grounds maintenance plans, please call (586) 756-1145.