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Benefits Of Landscape Lighting

Award Winning Michigan Outdoor Lighting

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. You have already invested in a beautiful home and gorgeous landscape… Wouldn’t you like to show them off and be able to enjoy your outdoor space at night? Picture your home at night as it currently is, now ask yourself these …

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Benefits Of Mulching

Mulches are protective materials placed over soil to help retain moisture and improve overall soil conditions. When properly applied, mulch is very beneficial to plants, trees and shrubs, it can also give landscapes a very polished well maintained appearance. When improperly applied, mulch can do the reverse causing harm instead of providing protection. BENEFITS OF …

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Early Spring Flowers

Spring bulbs should be planted between September and November of the previous year. When they are planted at this time the sun stimulates the growth for the spring season by warming the soil before the cold weather hits. Spring blooms started popping up early this year when record breaking high temperatures swept through Michigan this …

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Backyard Zen

Award Winning Backyard Landscape

This beautiful courtyard found in the Mies Van Der Rohe Townhouses which is on the National Register of Historic Places, had been left in overgrown and outdated state. The original landscaping which was installed in 1972, was written up in the Detroit Newspaper in October, 1973. After 35 years this once beautiful historical courtyard was …

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Benefits Of Organic Lawn Care

Organic lawn care has gained popularity over recent years, due to the increasing popularity of the green movement. More and more people have been switching over to organic lawn care, below is a list of benefits you can expect when making the switch. Health & Safety – Organic products do not produce harmful side effects …

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Spring Landscape Tips

Each spring here in Michigan home owners put away the winter snow equipment and bring back out the lawn mowers, fertilizers and other spring and summer lawn equipment. Below is a helpful list of tips to help get you started this spring. Spread granular, slow-acting organic fertilizer. (Optional if you fertilized in the fall or …

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Welcome To The Berns Landscape Blog!

Award Winning Michigan Landscape Design

Berns Landscaping is pleased to announce it’s all new Michigan Landscape Blog! In our blog we will be bringing you tips, information and landscape design inspiration. We hope you find the information provided helpful and informative. Stay tuned for great new post and updates that will be brought to you weekly once we launch our …

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