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Plan ahead for Outdoor Holiday Lighting

Outdoor Christmas Lights on House

The holiday season may be months away, but it’s time to start planning now! Interior designs can wait until later in the year, but if you want an outdoor lighting display, it’s important to plan early. Berns Landscaping offers professional holiday lighting installations, and we’ve seen far too many property owners wait until the last …

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What Makes a Great Landscape Design?

Close up of landscaping with flowers and shrubs.

Landscape design is powerful. It grabs the attention of people passing by, and it elevates the façade of any home. Whether you’re revamping your current landscaping or starting from scratch, you need to know some design basics. Read on to learn what makes a great landscape design. Landscaping Features That Match Your Maintenance Goals Before …

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Should You Pull Dead Annual Flowers in the Fall?

Cutting Dead Flower Closeup

Are dead flowers in your garden stressing you out? It may be time to pull them out and prep your mulch bed for winter. Here’s a quick guide explaining when to remove dead annuals in your garden. Difference between Annuals and Perennial Flowers It’s important to note the difference between annuals and perennials. Annuals have …

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Fire Pit Safety Tips to Protect Your Family and Your Landscaping

Father and Son Warming By Firepit

There are over 5,300 fire pit injuries every year in the U.S. Most of these injuries are preventable with fire pit safety practices. Check out these tips to protect your family, property, and landscaping this fall. Check for Burn Bans in Your Area before Using Your Fire Pit Before lighting your fire pit, verify that …

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When to Mulch in the Fall

Closeup of Hands Mulching Plants

Mulching is not a one-time process. In fact, we often recommend mulching 6-10 times throughout the growing season to replenish mulch as it breaks down. The final mulch session should happen sometime in the autumn to protect plant roots from harsh winter freezes. Follow this guide to learn when to mulch in the fall. Benefits …

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How to Protect Plants from Extreme Heat

Thermometer Showing 90 Degrees With Tree in Background

Michigan has been dealing with extreme heat waves all summer long, much like the rest of the U.S. If you’re worried about the state of your lawn and garden, know that you’re not alone. These high temperatures have forced the whole staff here at Berns Landscaping to revitalize our landscaping maintenance plans. Here are some …

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Common Summer Gardening Problems (And How to Fix Them)

Garden - elevated view

The summer heat isn’t always friendly to lawns and gardens. You may have dealt with pests, scorching, weeds and other issues in the past, and now you’re trying to avoid them. In this guide, we’ll address some common summer gardening problems and how to fix/prevent them. 1 – Weeds Weeds are a pain throughout the …

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When to Water Plants in Summer

Beautiful garden, lawn with green grass

Watering plants in the summer requires a bit more planning than watering in the spring. Mother Nature doesn’t produce quite as much rain to rely on, and the summer sun quickly dissolves most of the moisture in the ground. What can you do to combat these issues? Check out this summer plant watering guide. Signs …

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When to Deadhead Flowers (And Why)

Snip off any soggy, shrivelled blooms to prevent rot setting in. Gardener deadheading roses bush.

Deadhead flowers sounds like the name of a rock group, but it’s actually an important gardening term. If you’ve never deadheaded flowers or maintained a garden in general, you may be missing out on a crucial element of plant health promotion. Read on to learn what deadheading is, why it works, and when you should …

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Pros and Cons of Cardboard Weed Barriers

Close-up man wearing gardening gloves spreading brown mulch, bark, around garden hosta plants to kill weeds, front yard, backyard, lawn landscaping

The internet is buzzing with viral videos of cardboard landscaping hacks. There are some tested and proven approaches to using cardboard in garden beds, but this isn’t a foolproof solution. Before you stock up on moving boxes for your garden, check out the pros and cons of cardboard weed barriers. Pros of Laying Cardboard under …

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