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Benefits Of A Healthy Lawn

There are over 30 million acres of lawns in the United States, these lawns remove an estimated 5 percent of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as well as provide money-saving cooling effects in the summer. Having a healthy lawn is more than just creating a great aesthetic, it can also increase the value of your home and much more.

  • The front lawns of 8 average houses have the same cooling effect as approximately 70 tons of air conditioning, the average home-size central air unit only has a 3-4 ton capacity.
  • A well maintained lawn creates a relaxing space. Grassy areas affect peoples moods by creating feelings of serenity, , thoughtfulness, happiness and privacy.
  • A lawns root system and soil microbes act as filters that capture and breakdown numerous pollutants common to urban environments.
  • A Healthy lawn improves air quality by trapping dirt and dust that is released into the US atmosphere.  Healthy Lawns also removes carbon dioxide and creates oxygen, a healthy 50 x 50 foot section of lawn creates enough oxygen for a family of four.
  • Well maintained landscaping adds a 15% increase to a homes value, according to home buyers.

Ensure your lawn is kept at its best and leave the work to our lawn care professionals. Berns Landscaping provides a variety of  lawn care services  including weekly lawn maintenance. Call today (586.756.1145 East / 248.835.3000 West) for a free estimate or fill out our free estimate form online.

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