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Backyard Zen

This beautiful courtyard found in the Mies Van Der Rohe Townhouses which is on the National Register of Historic Places, had been left in overgrown and outdated state. The original landscaping which was installed in 1972, was written up in the Detroit Newspaper in October, 1973.

After 35 years this once beautiful historical courtyard was in desperate need of a landscape overhaul. The original water garden couldn’t be seen over the Waterii Scotch Pine and Mugho Pine. All the remaining trees and shrubs had been left neglected for so long there were none left to save.

Before - Outdated Court Yard
Before – An outdated historical courtyard lies disheveled and overgrown.

Keeping with the same theme of Asian Gardens, this outdated overgrown space was to be transformed into a calm and relaxing zen garden filled with rocky paths and minimalist design.

Backyard Zen Garden
After – A fully restored historical courtyard.

The new courtyard consists of Asian influenced plants and shrubs, a river stone pond and zen walk path all accented by Asian art pieces.  This beautiful courtyard reconstruction, was the Michigan Green Industry Association’s 2008 Gold Award Winner for outstanding achievement in landscape reconstruction.

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