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Advantages Of LED Holiday Lighting

For over 20 years, the Designers at Berns Landscaping Services have been providing brilliant holiday sparkle and captivating indoor holiday settings to many satisfied customers. Berns Landscaping uses LED holiday lighting strands to decorate the homes of our clients. The advantages of LED lights are overwhelming in compassion to the old-fashioned incandescent counterparts.

The Advantages of Using LED Lights for Your Holiday Lighting Needs

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Do you love to put out lights for the holidays? In recent years, LED lighting has become more and more popular as the lighting of choice for many who celebrate this way. Here are just a few reasons why we love to install LED lights and recommend them to all of our customers.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights use 85-90% less energy than traditional holiday lights do. Yes, you read that right. You could do great things for the planet simply by changing to these new lights. Stop feeling like you are wasting energy and, instead, put up even more lights than before…all while using less energy than your displays have used in years past. These bulbs are Energy Star compliant and can save you up to $10 for every 300 hours of use!

Financial Savings

When you’re saving energy, you’ll be saving money as well. Most homeowners don’t consider their holiday lights to be a significant drain on their resources but everyone loves to save a little money! You’ll save 85-90% on the cost of energy for your holiday display. Sure, LEDs cost more upfront, but you will eventually recoup these costs when your lights save you so much!

Lights that Last

The heat generated by a traditional incandescent holiday light eventually damages that light so much that it won’t function anymore. However, LEDs produce so much less heat that they can last up to 50,000 hours before they suffer damage and burn out. If you forget to turn your holiday display off, it won’t be a big deal. In fact, you could leave your lights on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all season long and they would still last for years and years.

Increased Safety

Since they don’t produce heat, LED lights are much less likely to cause fires than traditional lightbulbs are. Their energy produces light without producing heat, so they are safer around children, pets, and in live trees than traditional lights are. Lower your fire chances significantly when you choose LED lighting for your holiday needs.

More Colors and Choices

LED lights can go above and beyond traditional holiday colors. You can get nearly any color of bulb that you can imagine having. These lights are highly programmable, too, so you can get

them to blink, flash, etc. With LED lights, the only thing limiting your holiday display is your own imagination. You’ll be able to create everything you’ve always wanted to create and make the holidays even more magical.

At Berns Landscaping, we would love to help you make your holiday lighting dreams come true. We can install any display, no matter how complex it is, and we would love to help you get your home decorated this year. Call us now to schedule your holiday lighting installation.

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