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Addressing Your Landscaping Needs

There are many different aspects to consider when planning a landscape. Most people think of landscaping as just tree’s and plants arranged in a certain way that are visually appealing to the eye. However, landscaping is actually much more than visual appeal. Good landscaping also needs to be functional and enjoyable to those who use it on an everyday basis.

Here are some things to consider when addressing your own personal landscape needs. Many of these aspects often get overlooked, by those who are unaware of all the different options to consider.

Will there be kids or animals playing in the space? What about allergies to plants or insects? If you have children and pets running around you will need much more durable surroundings and would probably like to stay away from plants with thorns. If your allergic to bee’s, you definitely would not want plants that attract them. Certain plants attract certain insects more so than others, researching plants is recommended to reduce planting anything that could increase the chance of an allergic reaction.

How about your favorite season? Many people focus on what a landscape will look like from late spring to early fall, the summer season when the majority enjoy the great outdoors. Not everyone enjoys summer and the lush canopies of green and vibrant flowers that scatter the ground. Others enjoy spring, autumn or even winter more than summer. What if your an Autumn person, someone who enjoys autumn and the leaves changing, wouldn’t you want landscape that would reflect this? A beautiful autumn colors landscape to enjoy in your own backyard.

What about functionality, what is the main purpose of your outdoor space? Will you be hosting lots of BBQ’s or will you be chasing children and pets throughout the yard. Is there a pool? hot tub? fireplace? pond? irrigation system? There are many aspects to consider about the functionality and what will work best where, visual aspects and outdoor amenities are all things that need to be thought of, during planning.

Last but not least don’t forget who this space is for and who will be enjoying it. Think about what time of day you will be outdoors the most. Think of your favorite colors, plants and scents. Think about maintenance and how much work you are willing to spend to keep up with your landscaping. Landscaping is something that should fit your lifestyle and reflect the things you enjoy.

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