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7 Tips for Outdoor Holiday Lighting Designs

Outdoor holiday lighting is a great way to enhance your curb appeal during the colder months. Your plants aren’t as vibrant as they are in the spring, but that doesn’t mean your yard has to look drab. At Berns Landscaping, we’ve helped dozens of homeowners and businesses create beautiful outdoor lighting displays for the holidays. Here are some outdoor holiday lighting design tips from our professional landscaping company.

1 – Maintain a Cohesive Color Scheme

Whether you want an all-white Christmas display or pops of bright color, consistency is key. If you have cool-toned driveway lights and warm-toned roof lights, your house will look like a jumbled mess. Be purposeful with color placement, and create a seamless look across the property. That is the difference between a DIY holiday light installation and professional outdoor lighting.

2 – Create Balance and Symmetry with Holiday Lighting Placement

Symmetry is always beautiful to look at, but it’s not always possible. That’s why we turn our emphasis to balance. You might not be able to have the same display on both sides of your home, but there is always a way to create balance. Ensure that the lights are well dispersed and that the design is consistent. If part of the design feels ‘heavy,’ lighten it up or create a similar heavy feeling on the other side.

3 – Accentuate Your Beautiful Landscaping

Your landscaping may not be in bloom, but it can still be beautiful! Add net lighting to bushes and rope lights to tree trunks to enhance the beauty of your landscape design. You could also line the edges of your garden bed or hang large light-up ornaments from tree branches. The possibilities are endless, and you can change the design every year.

4 – Consider How Your Indoor Lighting Looks outside

As you design your outdoor holiday light display, don’t forget about the lights inside. They can impact the outdoor lighting if they are visible from the front. If you have a wreath hanging from one front-facing window, make sure it doesn’t look out of place. If your Christmas tree is at the front of your house, think about how the lights on the tree tie into the lights you’ve used outside. Design requires looking at the whole picture, not just the individual elements.

5 – Highlight Architectural Details

In addition to accentuating your landscaping features, you can use outdoor lights to show off the building’s architecture. Outline the roof peaks, highlight the windows, and draw attention to your favorite features. Those beautiful columns for your car port could be the perfect canvas for a spiral of lights. Simple, thoughtful light placement will make your home stand out in the neighborhood.

6 – Avoid Holiday Inflatables

Inflatables have become a popular choice in outdoor holiday lighting, but we don’t recommend them. They are difficult to secure and don’t stand up well in Michigan winters. Inflatable decorations do not usually display well at night, even with supplemental spotlighting. You’re much better off getting wired decorations that you can use year after year.

7 – Get a Stunning Outdoor Holiday Lighting Design from Berns Landscaping

If you want an outstanding holiday light display, call in the experts at Berns Landscaping. We have years of experience with outdoor holiday lighting, and we would love to turn your property into the talk of the neighborhood. Whether you have existing lights to use or you want us to create a custom design from scratch, we have the tools to get the job done. Give us a call at (586) 756-1145 to schedule a holiday lighting consultation.

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