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7 Tips for Landscaping Fall Cleanup

Autumn is right around the corner, marking a critical time in landscaping maintenance. The falling leaves are beautiful to look at, but they also create a big mess to clean up. No worries though – the team here at Berns Landscaping is going to guide you through the process. Here are some easy tips for landscaping fall cleanup.

Clear as Much Debris as Possible before the First Snowfall

It’s important to clear piles of leaves before winter starts. The leaves will begin to suffocate the grass and soil under the snow, and ice will have a difficult time melting. It’s best to clear the debris as much as possible before it starts to snow. It will save a ton of work in the spring.

Be Mindful of Leaves around Your Fence Line

The leaf piles around your fence line become the perfect home for insects, rodents and snakes. The piles also trap moisture around the fence posts, which can lead to rot and mold. Pull leaf piles away from the fence, and discard them as frequently as possible. You can also much the leaves to use them as food for your landscaping.

Clean Your Gutters toward the End of Autumn

Gutters should be cleaned twice a year: once before fall and once at the end of autumn. The cleaning before fall removes various debris that has collected throughout the year. The cleaning at the end of fall is designed to clear leaves and provide drainage for falling snow. If you have a landscaping maintenance plan with Berns Landscaping, we can include gutter cleaning as part of your services.

Trim Overgrown Trees, Especially Branches Close to the Home

Tree pruning is important in the fall because of the weight created from snow and ice in winter. Heavy tree branches can turn into costly repairs if left unmanaged. Berns Landscaping provides professional tree pruning, guided by a certified arborist. We will gladly evaluate the trees on your property to selectively prune temperamental branches.

Dry out Anything That Holds Water

Hoses, water fountains, irrigation lines – anything that holds water needs to be carefully drained before winter. If the stagnant water inside these objects freezes, thaws, and freezes again, the objects themselves can break or become brittle. Remove the water and you eliminate the risk.

Protect Plants Susceptible to the Cold

Some plants are more sensitive to the cold than others. Protecting these plants gives them a better chance at bouncing back in the spring. Burlap wrapping is common for boxwood bushes, and it can protect the leaves from turning yellow. We offer winter plant protection services as part of our fall cleanup process.

Winterize Your Irrigation System

You can’t store your in-ground sprinklers for the winter, but you can protect the lines and nozzles from the winter cold. This is critical for preserving the life of your irrigation system, and it can save you hundreds in costly repairs. Once again, we will gladly winterize your irrigation system as part of our fall cleanup services.

Don’t Want the Hassle of Landscaping Fall Cleanup? We’ll Take Care of It!

Landscaping fall cleanup is one of the most tedious tasks in lawn and garden maintenance. Why not skip the hassle and turn it over to the pros? We will ensure that your property is fully prepared for cold Michigan winters, and we’ll be ready to beautify your landscaping once the spring comes. Give us a call at (586) 756-1145 to learn more about fall landscape cleanup.

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