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2015 Spring And Summer Landscaping Trends

With the arrival of summer here in Michigan, there are a number of landscaping trends emerging for 2015, and we have been documenting them in our Spring and Summer Ideabooks on our new profile! Whether your landscape plan falls under these categories or not, we would be happy to spend some time helping to translate these trends into real designs and projects!

Ultimately, 2015’s landscape trends come down to a desire for Convenience, Environmental Responsibility, and Outdoor Living!

With more technological distractions, a greater interest in the outdoors, and the size of houses decreasing, it is no wonder that these desires are fueling the hottest landscape trends.

These desires overlap in many respects and translate into designs that include:

  • Native Plants: Weather-tolerant plants native to your locale will grow and thrive during multiple seasons without constant maintenance.
  • Edible and “blended” gardens: Mixing edibles (vegetables, herbs and fruits) with ornamental flowers will save space and lower your grocery bill while creating an exciting, conversation-starting yard.

  • Starting Small: The popularity of vertical and container gardens is growing, as those with small yards or patios take a stab at growing their own food.
  • Sustainable landscapes and hardscape materials: Saving water by planting alternatives to water-intensive turf grass is popular, especially in drier parts of the country. Wherever you live, another great option is to opt for more permeable surface area that enables water to penetrate soil and restore groundwater supplies. (Think gravel and mulch as opposed to grouted stone pavers.)
  • Waterscapes: The soothing effect of water makes waterscapes a valuable addition to any yard. Popular designs include small, recirculating waterfalls, rainwater collectors, low-maintenance ecosystem ponds.
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  • Bringing your home outdoors: From pizza ovens to patio heaters, people want to seamlessly transition from living room to the great outdoors. Other popular items include outdoor fireplaces and outdoor furniture that is both waterproof and fade resistant while remaining comfortable and stylish.
  • Landscape lighting: Whether you want to wow your neighbors or host summer socials long into the night, landscape lighting is more achievable and sustainable than ever. There are many options for energy-saving and low-maintenance LED lights, as well as solar-powered lights that soak up the sun’s rays during the day to shine bright at night.
  • Wildlife-conscious landscaping: Previously mentioned features like native plants and waterscapes provide the bonus benefit of attracting and improving the lives of birds, bees and butterflies!

We hope these ideas and trends got your wheels turning and your Houzz profile bursting with new Ideabooks!

Of course, in addition to Houzz, you can always find us spreading inspiration and landscaping tips and tricks on Facebook, Twitter,  Google+ , Pinterest and Instagram!

If you like what you see or have a question, give us a call at (586) 756-1145 or email us at info@berns.local. Let’s see what beautiful outdoor spaces we can create together!

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